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Case Studies

Case Study:

Evana Automation Reduces Required Equipment Floor Space by Over Half

Customer: Tier 1 Automotive Supplier
Challenge: Due to the number of processes and cycle time required to assemble, laser weld and test an automotive sensor, a large amount of floor space was required. So much so that it was impeding on the space of the other equipment needed to produce the sensor.
Solution: Because of the 2.5 second cycle time per part and the number of processes involved, the typical cell configuration would have consisted of two synchronous indexing dials – one for assembly and welding and one for testing. However, the foot print for a two dial configuration would not meet the floor space restriction. After careful review of the process requirements, Evana came up with a design for a single synchronous indexing dial with two-up tooling. The outer tooling would assemble and laser weld the sensor, while the inner tooling would leak test the sensor.
Result: The single dial configuration with dual processes reduced the amount of equipment floor space needed by more than half, while reducing the overall complexity of the cell by eliminating unnecessary processes.
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Case Studies

We recently helped a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier slash its required equipment floor space by over 50%. Here’s How We Did It.