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Case Studies

Case Study:

Evana Automation Resolves the Issue of Defective Fuel Rails Getting into the Field

Customer: Tier 1 Automotive Part Manufacturer
Challenge: Detection of defective fuel injector O-rings
Root Cause: A number of possible causes exist to damage fuel injector O-rings during the insertion process into fuel rails; the fuel rail may be out of tolerance, fuel rail bells may be out of tolerance, inadequate lubrication of the fuel rail bell, fuel injectors may be out of tolerance, as well as any number of errors made during the insertion process.
Solution: After reviewing all the process possibilities that could lead to a damaged O-ring, Evana determined the most reliable detection method was measuring the force and distance of the fuel injectors while they were being pressed into the fuel rail. To accomplish this, a signature analysis was integrated into the press cycle. As discovered though the R & D phase, and once implemented into production, any deviation from the master signature would indicate whether there was a defect in an O-ring.
Result: With the addition of the signature analysis, fuel rails with defective O-rings were prevented from getting into the field
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Case Studies

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