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The Semi-Automated Line will Assemble, Populate & Test Automobile Fuse Boxes December 7, 2016 Evansville, IN: Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville, Inc., a manufacturer and integrator of assembly automation systems, is pleased to announce that it is supplying a semi-automated assembly line to a manufacturer of automotive electronics. The assembly line, which will be delivered in Q1 2017, assembles, populates, and tests fuse boxes for automobiles. The assembly line was designed to help the fuse box manufacturer scale to a surge in demand without increasing labor costs or equipment footprint in their factory. Randy Wire, President of PIA Evansville, said this is a common theme in the automotive industry. “When our customer landed new business, they knew how important it was to find an automation partner that could help them grow in a hurry,” said Wire. “This factory assembly line is going to help them expand production capacity without increasing…
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