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PIA Evansville Delivers 3-Piece Connector Assembly & Packaging System to Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Monday, 08 May 2017

The assembly and packaging solution includes error-proofing and traceability functions to assure product quality

May 8, 2017

Evansville, IN: Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville, Inc., a leading systems integrator and builder of custom, automated assembly and test systems, recently fulfilled a contract to provide a 3-piece IV connector assembly and packaging system to a leading medical device contract manufacturer.  The assembly and packaging solution includes error-proofing and traceability functions to assure product quality.

The assembly system is a variable speed continuous motion process, capable of manufacturing the 3-piece IV connectors at a cycle rate of .43 seconds part-to-part. Components will enter the assembly system from four different high-speed feed systems and transition to one of four assembly dials, where they are precisely pressed together, lanced, lubricated, tested, and capped. Throughout the assembly process, a number of error-proofing and traceability functions are employed to assure the quality and integrity of the product. Assembled products are then transferred to the packaging system.

The packaging system is a continuous motion form-fill-seal process, integrated with a PIA high-speed feed system, capable of feeding/packaging 11,718 products per hour. The packaging process begins when 24 finished products are fed from a high-speed bowl feeder to a 24-position manifold that forms 24 blister packages. Once the blisters are loaded with products, the system indexes and the blister packages are foil sealed, printed, and singulated. The packaging system will employ a number of error-proofing functions to assure the quality and integrity of the packaged product.

PIA’s Exclusive Validation Process™ (EVP), a forward-thinking, value-added process that allows healthcare customers to take advantage of PIA’s vast knowledge of FDA regulations, played a key role in securing this opportunity. EVP helps medical device manufacturers avoid costly mistakes, bridge departmental silos, and keep the entire product life cycle team on the same page.

PIA Evansville utilizes diverse technologies to specialize in motion control, robotics integration, welding integration and system architecture by linking production equipment, material handling systems, data collection, networking, as well as computer software and hardware into flexible, unified technology. Test equipment can be integrated into assembly systems, stand-alone systems for automatic testing, or manual test benches. Overall, PIA Evansville's custom assembly and test solutions improve efficiency for manufacturers all over the world in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, and alternative energy, as well as manufacturers of commercial and consumer products.

“This highly innovative assembly and packaging solution will help the medical device manufacturer provide a product that ensures safety and efficacy for patients,” said Randy Wire, President of PIA Evansville. "In addition, PIA’s Exclusive Validation Process (EVP) provides a further peace-of-mind for this well-respected medical contract manufacturer.”

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Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville provides custom automation systems that are made to improve manufacturing efficiency, production capacity, product quality and profitability. Whether with a simple workstation or fully-automated assembly system, PIA Evansville's technology reflects the utmost precision in robotics design, construction, and integration. We are committed to building the most efficient solutions for complex assembly problems.

PIA Evansville is a subsidiary of Preh IMA Automation. Founded as Evana Automation in 1963, PIA Evansville was acquired by Preh IMA Automation in May 2016.

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