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Delving Deeper into the Medical Manufacturing Market, Preh IMA Automation Evansville Inc. Hires Healthcare Sales Director

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Technology Business Development Veteran John Festa Joins PIA Evansville as Director of Healthcare Sales

February 28, 2017

Evansville, IN: Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville, Inc., a global leader in automated assembly and inspection system design and integration, today announced the expansion of their foothold in the healthcare market by hiring John J. Festa to the position of Director of Sales.John-Festa-PIA-Evansville-Healthcare-Sales-Director

Well-versed in the importance of speeding up a product’s time-to-market, increasing cost efficiencies, and producing safe and effective technologies, Mr. Festa will apply his breadth of experience to helping PIA Evansville develop new solutions and partnerships in the Healthcare industry.

Festa brings over 25 years of management and entrepreneurship experience in high-tech companies to the table. His business development acumen has shone across the spectrum of different leadership positions he’s held, ranging from Chief Executive Officer of a technology start-up to Director of Business Development of a global manufacturing holding company. Festa is a two-time recipient of R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Award, an internationally-respected award that recognizes the 100 most innovative inventions each year.

In his most recent role, Festa increased sales from $200K to $12M as the Director of Business Development for Phillips Service Industries’ (PSI) Semiconductor Equipment Division. Prior to PSI, Festa served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Raze Technologies, where he raised $12 million for this start-up company and grew its ranks from five employees to 70, picking up 21 patents along the way. Mr. Festa was also a co-founder and executive officer of Beta Squared, Inc., a developer of capital equipment, such as plasma etching and cleaning technologies, for the semiconductor industry.

PIA Evansville’s Healthcare division helps manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostic products, pharmaceutical products, and other medical products design efficient automated manufacturing solutions for part assembly and inspection. Unlike many other automation companies, PIA Evansville has dedicated personnel specializing in handling strict regulatory requirements, including FDA guidelines, ISO 13485, and other validation and qualification requirements via their own Exclusive Validation Process (EVP™.).

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