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Evana Automation Ships Two Multi-Station Lean Manufacturing Systems to Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Monday, 18 August 2014

EVA-PR-LDS-8-14Evana systems will assemble and test next-generation lane departure warning systems


Evansville, Indiana – Evana Automation Specialists, a leading Systems Integrator and builder of custom, automated assembly and test systems, recently shipped two multi-station lean manufacturing systems to a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier of electronic components that will assemble and test next-generation lane departure warning systems (LDWS).


The Evana solutions are comprised of several semi-automatic workstations that assemble circuit boards and lenses to holders, focus the lenses, place assembly into housings, label units, test and pack out completed products. The units have complete serialization and traceability throughout the entire assembly process. Driver data, test values, press forces, etc. are captured and assigned in a database to the part serial number. The cells are designed with quick change tooling to allow the addition of future products. These innovative solutions are the third and fourth systems supplied by Evana. One of the systems is being installed in the United States, while the other is being installed in the United Kingdom.


A lane departure warning system (LDWS) is a mechanism designed to warn a driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and arterial roads. These systems are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness.


“The LDWS technology continues to grow very rapidly for our customer,” said Randy Wire, general manager of Evana Automation Specialists. “This is the third and fourth systems that Evana has provided to the customer.”


Evana, a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI), utilizes diverse technologies to specialize in motion control, robotics integration, welding integration and system architecture by linking production equipment, material handling systems, data collection, networking, as well as computer software and hardware into flexible, unified technology. Test equipment can be integrated into assembly systems, stand alone systems for automatic testing, or manual test benches. Overall, Evana’s custom assembly and test solutions improve efficiency for manufacturers all over the world in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare and alternative energy, as well as manufacturers of commercial and consumer products.


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Note: Preh IMA Automation Evansville, Inc. acquired Evana Automation in May 2016. Read about the acquisition here.
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