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The Exclusive Validation Process for Healthcare

PIA Evansville Exclusive Validation Process for Healthcare Manufacturing

Can you afford to let inadequate validations negatively affect your time-to-market and/or bottom line?

The Exclusive Validation Process (EVP) is a customized, forward-thinking approach that assists you with meeting validation requirements and FDA regulations throughout the entire automation implementation process. EVP begins with the customer's initial engagement, continues throughout the design and build process, and concludes with the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). In addition, Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville provides support with IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification) initiatives upon customer request.

Inadequate validations are one of the top reasons a company gets issued an FDA Form 483. EVP can help you avoid costly mistakes — such as overlooking critical requirements that could result in production downtime, bridge departmental silos, and keep your entire product management team on the same page, all while helping you expedite your product’s time-to-market.

Choose a partner that understands the importance of validation and will help your company align with FDA regulatory requirements. Choose PIA Evansville for your next healthcare automation project: We are with you every step of the way.

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