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Testing Systems

Automated Testing Solutions Include Custom-Integrated Test Systems, Stand-Alone Automatic Test Systems, and Manual Test Benches

Testing Systems Testing Systems Testing Systems Testing Systems Testing Systems

Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville builds automated test systems designed to help you solve your most difficult testing challenges, such as component performance testing, functional testing, conformance testing, destructive testing, dimensional testing, leak and flow testing, and more.

We specialize in testing electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components, as well as actuation systems.

Whether we design your next fully-integrated test system, stand-alone automatic test system, or manual test benches, every test solution is custom-built to improve testing process efficiency. 

We have the following automated testing capabilities:

Equipment for Component Testing:

  • Durability Test Systems
  • Conformance Test Systems
  • Functional Test Systems
  • Hydro Static Transmissions
  • Dimensional Test Systems
  • Measuring System Analysis
    • Gage R & R (Repeatability & Reproducability)
    • Capability Studies

    Example of Automated Test Applications Offered by Evana:

    • Clutches
    • Fans
    • Engine Blocks
    • Sunroofs
    • Parking Brakes
    • Instrument Panels
    • Seats
    • Wire Harness
    • Sensors

    Plus, many, many, more…

    Software Programming Capabilities

    • Labview
    • Visual Basic.Net
    • C, C++

    Machine Vision Testing

    • Inspection / Verification Test
    • Measurement Test
    • Identification/Tracking Test
    • Guidance Test
    • Automated Production Test

    Integrated Systems

    • USON
    • COSMO
    • ATEQ
    • CTS

    Leak Testing / Flow Testing

    • Pressure Decay Test
    • Mass Spectrometer Test
    • Vacuum Test (Sniffer Test)
    • Mass Flow Test
    • Backpressure Flow Test
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Case Studies

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