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Assembly Systems

Custom Assembly Automation System Design, Manufacturing & Integration

Assembly Systems Assembly Systems Assembly Systems Assembly Systems Assembly Systems

Preh IMA Automation (PIA) Evansville (formerly Evana Automation) designs and builds custom assembly systems to help manufacturers reach their full factory production potential.

We manufacture flexible, lean assembly equipment -- ranging from manual workstations to fully-automated, turnkey assembly lines -- that allow you to increase assembly process efficiency and profitability and improve product quality and safety. 

Whether with a simple workstation or fully-automated assembly system, PIA Evansville's technology reflects the utmost precision in robotics design, construction, and integration. It always aims at maximum process reliability and our objective is always the efficient solution of a complex assembly problem.


For our customers this means maximum modularity and flexibility in their assembly automation systems – accompanied at the same time by a high level of availability and re-useability. PIA assembly machines can always be adapted to new product versions or changing product life cycles.

Depending on the job in question, our systems deal with small and miniature parts at high output rates or heavy parts with a low output rates. A long working life and precision are the cornerstones of PIA assembly systems. We follow a very clear principle to never compromise on the quality and availability of the assembly plant and equipment which our team manufactures and delivers. This is our contribution to the continued corporate success of our customers.

Our in-house team of engineers and tradesmen work closely with customers to satisfy their requirements—from consultation and design to install, start-up and training. We immerse ourselves in product development, design, and product launch procedures and analyze all production steps thoroughly. We delve deeply into the processes of manufacturing a product before we offer a solution. 

Here's a recent example of a lean assembly system that we built for a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier that will assemble (and test) next-generation lane departure warning systems (LDWS). Another leading auto supplier recently deployed a custom 24-station assembly and test system we built to manufacture automobile transfer units.


Synchronous, Non-Synchronous, and Modular Assembly Systems

  • Synchronous Assembly Systems - PIA Evansville maximizes diverse technologies to create high-speed, high-volume transfer systems that perform with accuracy and precision from station-to-station.
    • Dial Table
    • Precision Link
    • Walking Beams
  • Non-Synchronous Assembly Systems - PIA Evansville provides efficient solutions to fully integrate automated, semi-automated and manual stations that are required to successfully work together, decrease production time and increase versatility.
    • Power-Free
    • Palletized Systems
  • Modular Assembly Systems - PIA Evansville creates modular construction assembly cells designed to meet specific production requirements, shorten cycle times, increase operator ergonomics and optimize manpower and floor space. Our systems are constructed from pre-engineered modular components and can be expanded, reconfigured, or moved as production requirements change.
    • Semi-Automatic
    • Automatic
    • Single Station

PIA's assembly systems are designed not only with design, structure and economic factors in mind -- they also always take account of the return on investment over the entire life cycle of a machine.

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Case Studies

We recently helped a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier slash its required equipment floor space by over 50%. Here’s How We Did It.